Note from the Editor, Issue 3

Well, will you look at this. I’m proud to present the third issue of Bull & Cross, and equally proud to deliver three fun stories for June. I didn’t plan this, but all three stories this month are scary in their own way.

Tim Clark’s “The Thing You Fear” reminds me most of an old episode of Alfred Hitchcock Presents, though with a few timely changes. With a few neat turns, it entertains and terrifies with the mundane and existential sort of terror so common to that old, spooky series, and so uncommon in today’s gore-ific landscape.

Mark Blickley’s “Kiwi” caught me off guard. If you also grew up during Desert Storm, you will likely find it affecting. I love the humanity and grace with which it shows its young protagonist grappling with incredible pain in the midst of the unremarkable details of daily life.

And in “The Rose of All the World” Hibah Shabkhez weaves a mystical story around the pain and fear felt when a man from the city encounters the greatness of the wilderness. And that pain and fear runs two directions.

So, Bull & Cross’ third issue is now on the books! Gather the family together and give it a read! Then check out the author bios and find some more work by these fun authors!

Happy Reading,
Daniel R. Julian

Administrative Assistant
Public Relations Manager