Note from the Editor, Issue 9

It’s the week before Christmas, so I’ll keep this brief. I am very happy to give you three wildly different stories by three fantastic authors.

First up, Sylvia Schwartz’s quiet but punishing piece of science fiction, “The Loss of Superlatives.”  It caught my attention with the way it told a tender story that nearly hides the horrors of the world it describes. The conclusion manages to be both sweet and unnerving.

Next, I’m really pleased to delivery Max DeVoe Talley’s story, “Red Tide.” I’m love a good piece of crime fiction, and even more so when it’s been boiled a bit. And like the first one, it has an unnerving conclusion, though I wouldn’t call it sweet.

And finally, the pleasantly diverting “Dreams Out of Bugtussle,” by John Haymaker. I snagged this story the same day it hit my inbox. It’s a fun tale told well, it put a smile on my face, and I think you’ll enjoy it.

So, I hope you find yourself surrounded by and focused on the ones you love during the holidays. But when you do get a quiet moment, grab some eggnog and enjoy one of these stories.

Happy Reading,
Daniel R. Julian