Note from the Editor, Issue 19

I’m about halfway through a four-month trip around the US, so I have a bit less time than normal for my editorial duties, and this will be a shorter note than usual. That said, I’m still delighted with the stories I have for you in this October B&C.

First up, we welcome a new story from David Henson. You might remember his fantastic piece from our June issue, which I nominated for the Best of the Net. His new story, “Stuff of Nightmares” is another great example of this storyteller at work. It’s a great blend of humor, violence, and surprise.

Next, we have a piece that I was very excited to get ahold of: “Mama-me” by Jordan Williams. The author doesn’t know it yet, but I’ve included it in my nominations for this year’s Pushcart Prize.

And finally, Robert L. Penick returns with “Patient Zero.” We first published one of his stories back in July, 2017 (go read it!), and it’s a pleasure to deliver another one of his soft and devastating short stories. This is flash fiction as it should be.

So, grab something hot to drink, put your phone on silent, and enjoy this month’s Bull & Cross!

Happy Reading,
Daniel R. Julian