Note from the Editor, Issue 11

I’m very pleased to introduce three very good stories for your reading pleasure.

Barring the end of all things, I think we’ll colonize Mars. And when we do, it’s likely that the daily reality of our early, cautious attempts to jump planets will look a lot like the short, intimate “Rocket Science,” by Sean Crawley. Less celebration, more introspection. Fewer parades, more arguments. Not so much awe as uncertainty.

The second piece this month is “Boxcars,” by Bull & Cross favorite, Steve Carr. This story is just as good and just as unsettling as the previous two, which you can read here and here. In this new story, he tackles the mystery and horror of our inevitable end with all the humanity and grace on display in his other work.

And finally, it’s a deep honor to publish A. Wells first story, “Katydid.” My experience was as follows: the first paragraph creeped me out, the second paragraph grabbed me, and the rest of the story fascinated me. After accepting it, I was very surprised to find out this is the first story she’s published, and I expect there’s more good work on the way.

So, there it is. Normally, I’d recommend a coffee, but I have a cold, so it’s hot apple cider vinegar and honey today. In any case, grab a drink you like, and pull up a seat.

Happy Reading,
Daniel R. Julian