Note from the Editor, Issue 25

Welcome to the 25th issue of Bull & Cross. I’m very pleased to introduce the three weird stories in this month’s issue, and I expect you’ll be very pleased to read them.

Up first, Daniel Galef delivers a sour, mysterious, and compelling piece of weird literature with “Et in Acadia.” I was hooked in the second paragraph. There’s something strange happening on the surface of this story, and it just gets more and more strange as you peel away the layers. You begin to wonder if something that felt like a high-quality metaphor in an earlier paragraph was maybe just the truth.

Next, the always-excellent J. Bradley returns to B&C with “Division,” another story in a series of wonderful and weird micro-fictional tales. I’m a bit jealous of his talent and what he’s managed to develop with this series. Every tale fits into the larger narrative, but they all stand just fine on their own. His previous piece, “Catch and Release,” is available in our September, 2017 issue.

And finally, Elisa Subin gives us “Learning to Fly.” This is a weird, dreamlike story that avoids sentimentalism and landed somewhere very different from what I had expected. What really caught me was the subtle undercurrent of horror.

So, there it is. See if you have some coffee still in the pot, find yourself a quiet corner, and enjoy this new issue of Bull & Cross.

Happy reading,
Daniel R. Julian