Note from the Editor, Issue 27

Welcome to the 27th issue of Bull & Cross! This one is arriving a bit behind schedule, but the quality of the stories makes up for the delay.

First up, Richard Leise takes us for a ride to see what’s down there “At The Bottom of Everything.” I found myself caught up in the rhythm of this piece. And my kids are currently enchanted by a show featuring animals in an underwater habitat, so I’ve got a bit of ocean exploration on the brain. That said, there’s more here than simple underwater adventures; there’s a vision for the future that I find terrifying and terrifyingly plausible.

Next, Dennis Humphrey’s “The Sand Jacker Tape” takes us into the future for an entertaining and curious not-really-epistolary-but-sort-of tale. Here the author also develops a vision for the future, and though it may initially read as even more terrifying than the previous story, I think it’s more optimistic in essence. Also, the story is just fun.

And finally, Steve Passey makes his return to B&C with the fascinating “Slow Burning and Sweet.” As with his prior story, he demonstrates a strong hand with the voice and he shows us the wonderful, life-giving value of good stories. It’s impossible to read his stories and love people less afterwards, which is rarely the case anymore.

Interestingly, there’s a bit of an unintended theme to this issue: people and things where they do not belong. You can have some fun deciding what’s out of place in each. I’d argue

So, grab a Fanta (I recommend lemon, if you can find it), find a quiet park bench, and enjoy this new issue of Bull & Cross!

Happy reading,
Daniel R. Julian