Note from the Editor, Issue 2

I’m very happy to introduce three more great stories by three more great authors.

I jumped on Amber D. Tran’s “Ilh-eobeolin” as soon as it hit my inbox. I’ve been on the lookout for compelling, smart non-fiction, and her story hit that mark. Her piece captures, accurately I think, the emotional mix so common for younger Americans in another country. I have personally had two of the conversations she records.

Michael Verderber’s dramatic work, “The Suppressed” was another happy discovery. We’ve all known a Yoel–those individuals incapable of agreeing with reality, insistent on their role as chief protagonist in the lives of all they meet, and therefore particularly inexpert in their relationships.

And if you’ve ever lived in a small town, Steve Carr’s “Once A Fine Notion,” will make you smile. He lets a town tell one of its stories, and it’s exactly the sort of tale that such towns love to tell and re-tell: every resident remembering something and each new voice correcting the others. In the end, you know what happened. Mostly.

The stories are all excellent stories, and they all ring true. That’s hard to beat.

So, here you have it: Bull & Cross’ second issue! Call your friends and spread the word. Maybe host a reading party at your local coffee house. And then go search out some other work by these wonderful authors.

Happy Reading,
Daniel R. Julian

Chief Experience Officer
Mail Clerk