Note from the Editor, Issue 14

Well, friendly readers, here’s our fourteenth issue, with three more great stories.

First up, we have “1961,” by Christine Taylor. This story grabbed my attention with its simplicity and magnitude. The central event is quiet, simple, and–for an outside observer–unremarkable. Similar stories unfold in our lives every day. But Taylor cracks open the moment and fills it with a depth of humanity that breaks your heart and satisfies you at the same time.

Next, we have “At the End of Lout’s Street,” by J.R. Night. This is a nice, classic bit of horror: buildings that don’t make sense, dead that don’t stay dead, a past that won’t stay in the past. It’s just right.

And finally, Dave Gregory’s “Eighteen Dollar Shoes” was an undeniable piece. This is a piece that puts Aristotle’s unities to work–one place, one time, one plot. But like our first story, he extends the place, the time, and the plot beyond what we read on the page, and he delivers an ending that gives you hope in the midst of darkness.

So, there you have it. Go snag a brownie and some coffee from the breakroom, then tell your coworkers you’re “taking some me time.” Better yet, forward them a story or two!

Happy Reading,
Daniel R. Julian