Note from the Editor, Issue 1

It’s a privilege to introduce three great pieces for our inaugural issue! I started Bull & Cross looking for stories, and these authors delivered.

I love Dan Nielsen’s story, “The Voices in Roberta’s Head.” It’s a brief, effective portrait of a modern-day Mitty. Forget adventure, we want fame. Forget the journey, we want the reward. I’ve read other work by Dan and the piece in this issue is a good example of his ability to tell a larger story in a smaller space.

Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois is also able to do a lot with a little. I knew I liked “3 Brief Flashes” by the end of the first sentence. I knew I wanted to publish it when I laughed out loud in the middle of the second flash. To tell three engaging, sharp stories is no small task. To do so in less than 400 words is all the more remarkable.

And though it’s not as brief, Clyde Liffey’s “Smallness” is just as wonderful. It’s hard to categorize; I think of it as blue-collar magic realism, but that’s selling it short. It’s a story and a it’s good one too.

If you like these stories as much as I did, check out the author bios at the end of each piece to find more writing by each of them. In the meantime, pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy Bull & Cross’ first issue!

Happy Reading,
Daniel R. Julian