About B&C

I’m Dan, and I like stories. Bull & Cross is a place for stories. There’s not a lot more to say. I love a good short story, and I’m happy to create another avenue for those stories to get from writers to readers.

As a reader, I’m eager to see some great stories. And as an author, I’m hopeful that Bull & Cross will provide other writers with a friendly market and a wider audience for their work.

If you’re a writer with a story, check out the submission guidelines and send it my way. I’d love to read it. If it makes me happy, I’d love to publish it.

If you’re a reader looking for a story, visit our front page and dip into any that catch your interest. If you really enjoy one of the stories, send it to your friends. If they read it too, maybe you’ll have something to talk about over your next coffee while waiting for your Facesnap feeds to refresh.

So, welcome to Bull & Cross. Let’s tell each other some stories.

Happy Reading,
Daniel R. Julian

Editor in Chief

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